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Hello all,

On my first post on this blog I posted a small snippet to use a small regex pattern in jQuery selectors.

You can find the post here:

I was reading through some comments and posts on some incoming links and it seems it wasn’t working for anyone anymore. I just tested it myself and unfortunately it’s true (at least with with jQuery v1.3.1). However! All is not lost, there is another method which I’ve tested from one of the incoming links to that post which you can find here:

Cheers ropox!


UPDATE: The below method no longer works! Go here to see a tested, working method:

This is the first tutorial on my blog. We’re going to start with something simple and it’s only useful if you use jQuery.

When I started using jQuery I found it hard to find information on using wildcards when selecting DOM elements.

After a while you get to understand that jQuery allows the use of regular expressions in a lot of places, I.E. when selecting like this:


So with this in mind, you can use \\S* to make wildcard selections, I.E.:



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