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Another quick one. Reading around it seems to be an issue. You make an AJAX call within a function and you want the call to be synchronous so that you can use the data from the call in the function scope.

AJAX calls are obviously asynchronous. jQuery has a ‘async: false’ option in AJAX calls but it is ignored by most (maybe all?) browsers. Using this method you can force a synchronous request and retrieve that data.

function myFunction()
    var myVariable = $.ajax(
        url: 'someScript.php',
        async: false

So .responseText retrieves the text value of the response from the AJAX call. And because we’re assigning to a variable we are forcing a synchronous request. You can now use that variable as you see fit.

This causes an issue when you are trying to retrieve a JSON object from an AJAX call into the function scope. The best way I’ve found so far is to retrieve the JSON as a string and use a jquery JSON plugin to convert it into an accessible object. Or you could just use the ‘eval’ method.


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