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I’m 22 years old and currently living in Coulsdon, Surrey with my beautiful wife Kara, our adorable son Ethan and our many pets (cats, dog, fish).

I’ve always been into web development. I love creating things. I’ve tried my hand at all aspects of web development, from front end including graphic design to system setup and of course to back end development. Everything I know at the moment has been self taught either through tutorials, from working around other developers or from good old trial and error. A LOT of trial and error.

I used to say that PHP is my main language, but I love working with Javascript so much that it’s becoming a strong competitor. Yes I work with PHP every day and all of my server side code is in the language, but there is something about working with Javascript – especially since the introduction of the popular libraries – that just can’t be beat.

Unlike a lot of people I work with or developers I talk to, I never went to University and so was never introduced to web development in any traditional way but it also means I’ve been determined to specialise in PHP development. Of course I’m open to branching out and learning other languages – the more the better – but from what I can foresee, I think I will always stay in the web development field.

I’ve been working in e-commerce development for a while now, covering all scenarios to do with the field, from the odd web site to developing fully loaded commercial level e-commerce platforms and I’m pretty confident that I can deal with any aspect of an e-commerce site.

My focus lately has been on integrating third party services or products with e-commerce platforms to provide seamless experiences for the end user. There are a number of services or products that have reputations of being hard or impossible to integrate with and it is these services or products that I am determined to find a way to work with.

I am always looking for ways to challenge myself so if you have a project you believe I would be well suited for, please let me know.

My current skill set;

MVC architecture
Design patterns
Agile Software Development
Symfony. Symfony is an MVC based framework for PHP. More information can be found here. I’ve done a number of projects in this framework and feel very confident about my capabilities with it.
Silverstripe. Silverstripe is a very nice CMS platform with a nice sized community. It is written on top of the Sapphire PHP framework, developed by the same people. More information can be found here.
Magento. Magento is a very strong platform offering almost everything you could want to do with e-commerce. More information can be found here.

Stored procedures
Strong SQL

Literal object notation
Client side pseudo MVC pattern
jQuery. I’ve been using jQuery for a number of years now and pretty much everything I do in javascript is now done in jQuery. From my point of view it’s the best javascript library currently available. More information can be found here.

Modular applications
Communication with back end systems using RESTful web services written in PHP.


Various applications and buzz words etc 🙂
Web 2.0. Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu. Zend IDE. RESTful web services. SOAP.

5 Responses to "About me"


Flipping heck its been a while!

I heard that you came by Purley Baptist the other day? – I’d love to have a chat with you about the work you are doing etc….please do drop me an email dude…

James Brooks

Hey James 🙂

Yeah it has been a while. Hope you’re doing well!

Yeah we dropped by a few weeks ago as we’re now living nearby. We want to come to the evening service but we’ve been caught up with decoration and I’ve been busy doing some freelance projects.

We’ll hopefully come down pretty soon, it was pretty good to hear about the number of people that go there that went to St Andrews ;P

I don’t have any way of getting your email address! Do you have somewhere I can grab it without submitting you to mass spammage? 😛


Stupid me!

I’m still new to WordPress 😛

Anyway, email sent. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hai Stephen,

This is Anuroop Vincent from INDIA.i am also a programmer.if u have overloaded work u can give me some work.i will do it for less conact number is 00919895944563.u can contact me any time.i know JSP,Java and flex.

I appreciate u for doing all the development without a university degree.self study is because of u r ambition Keep it up.

Thanks And Regards.
Anuroop Vincent

I am recruiting for PHP Developers for a number of exciting businesses in South East. Working on exciting Next Generation search engine, IPTV solutions, Online Gaming.

I need people with Server Side PHP, Mysql, (Zend, CodeIgniter, Drupal, Symfony – either) Javascript, XML, Soap experience. I am happy to talk to Junior, to Senior developers.

The specs can be viewed on


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  • Patrick: I changed my code, but now I have another problem: Fatal error: Call to a member function isAvailable() on a non-object in /var/www/vhost/web/shopA
  • Stephen Gray: Hi Patrick, That first error is my fault. I had the method name for the refund() method as void() as I had copied the code from the other method!
  • Patrick: Hi Stephen, thanks for sharing your knowledge about creating a custom payment module. I need an extension for magento to handle a credit card payme


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