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Flex save changes from an AdvancedDataGrid using itemEditEnd

Posted on: 15 September, 2008

I just remembered that I had trouble finding out what I could access with this event handler function. Sure it was easy to find out when the event is dispatched, but how can I access the new field value edited by the user? How do I access the previous value?

So this is just a simple example showing you that. This also applies to the normal DataGrid and standard list controls.

The itemEditEnd event is dispatched (it’s in the name) when a user finishes editing a cell so this is pretty much the best time to save the user’s changes to that field/row.

Here’s our function:

protected function saveChange(event:AdvancedDataGridEvent):void
     * use event.dataField to get the edited field name
    var field:String = event.dataField;

     * i'm using the following line to get the 'id' of the row being edited
     * because i passed an 'id' field through from my dataProvider.
    var selectedID:String =;

     * use the itemEditorInstance to get the newly edited value but retrieve
     * the previous value from the existing grid data. i'm using the default
     * textinput itemRenderer so I can retrieve the new value using the
     * itemEditInstance's 'text' property.
    var newValue:String = event.currentTarget.itemEditorInstance.text;
    var prevValue:String = ProductPersonalisationList.selectedItem[event.dataField];

    // run a http service call or something to save the change or validate the data

4 Responses to "Flex save changes from an AdvancedDataGrid using itemEditEnd"

Thanks for this post.

event.currentTarget.itemEditorInstance.text was exactly what I was after.

U rock dude………………………..

Awesome post. This saved me so much time. Thanks!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!. You saved my day.

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